Man Adopts Husky Who Loves To Throw Tantrums

All dogs have their own unique little personalities. But sometimes, there are some traits that just seem to be innate to certain breeds, like little stereotypes so to speak.

We may even choose our dogs based on some of these personality traits that we’ve heard a certain breed possesses. While each breed might have a certain trait associated with them, none are quite on the same level as the Siberian Husky.

Any dog person has probably heard the stories of the Siberian Husky and the personality quirks that come associated with their breed.

They’re supposed to be headstrong and stubborn, fond of frequently “talking back” to their owners, and can sometimes have fits of doggie “tantrums.”

In fact, if you were to search the internet for any of those descriptors, you’re bound to find plenty of hilarious videos uploaded by Husky owners showing off their dogs’ antics.

For one Siberian Husky dad, Scott, these behaviors were not news to him. He had already heard all about the breed’s penchant for drama, so when he adopted his pet pooch, he went into it fully aware of what to expect. At least, he thought he knew what he was getting himself into by taking in a Husky.

However, his beloved pup, Jackson, turned out to be next level. It wasn’t until after he’d adopted Jackson that Scott got to experience his new dog’s tantrum “problem” to its fullest range. Essentially, Jackson’s tantrums are typical Husky behavior, only ramped up to eleven.

Jackson is quite the little diva and has daily fits – especially when it comes to mealtime. Jackson is quite motivated by food, so he will often “yell” at poor Scott in order to get his way.

Scott adopted Jackson when he was a puppy. But the story of how he adopted him is quite tragic. Scott’s own father, who lived in Oregon, had originally gotten Jackson to work as a farm dog. Unfortunately, Scott’s father passed away rather unexpectedly.

After the passing, the family was trying to figure out what to do with Jackson. Scott shared that he couldn’t see any other option other than taking him in. While he and his wife might not have been fully prepared for a dog at the time, Jackson was family and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

And despite his extra-ness, Jackson has brought Scott so much love and joy in his life. Regardless of the tantrums, Scott wouldn’t change anything about his beloved pooch for the world!

Watch the video clip below: