Man Returns To The Shelter For One Of His Dogs And Leaves Another Behind With No Remorse

When her best friend left the Lancaster Animal Shelter in California, the heartbroken dog named Mia sobbed in anguish because she didn’t want to leave her only family she had ever known. The callous man abandoned two dogs at the shelter and returned with only one, leaving the poor, distraught puppy behind, writes embounce

How does one explain to a six-year-old Yorkshire terrier puppy that her life is about to end? How can one explain to a dog that her loyalty is pointless?

“I ran across Mia’s old owner at the shelter; he had returned for her best friend Pepper,” the woman explained. Mia sobbed when her previous owner left the shelter without her.

This tiny child had been abandoned in that cold, dark place, and she couldn’t understand why she and Pepper had gone to the shelter. We’re still not sure why Mia and Pepper came to the shelter.

Mia’s story was shared on the Lancaster Shelter Dogs CA Facebook page:

“My name is Mia, and I am six years old.” I’ve already been sterilized. I’ve been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since May 17, and you may see me in my temporary home in L335 starting on May 17, 2017.”

“He said that a family member gave her to him since he couldn’t care for her owing to his long work hours.” According to him, she gets along with dogs and cats and is a little food-protective.

In the terrible clip, the man plays with his second dog in front of Mia, then walks away without looking back, leaving the tiny kid inconsolable.

Mia’s story was extensively shared on social media by outraged users, and as a consequence, Big Bones Canine Rescue was able to save the small kid and give her with a temporary home while she searches for her future home.