Mighty Malamute Appoints Himself Bodyguard To Tiny Newborn Brother

Malamutes are well-known for being loyal and loving. Though, they’re no couch potatoes. They were bred to work as arctic sled dogs, and with that comes strength, stamina, and size. So seeing a big, fluffy canine clearly understand that he needs to be calm and gentle while meeting his tiny new pack member is so incredibly heartwarming.

In fact, the viral video of their first encounter has already amassed almost five million views.

Malamutes are pack animals, so their family is incredibly important to them. Adding a new member to the pack is an extremely big deal. That’s why their mom and dad took the time to individually introduce each member of their family to their tiny new pack member.

The video starts with three gorgeous dogs staring into the camera as their mom gets them ready to meet their baby brother. She asks if they’re excited, and they get adorably vocal. Then, one by one, each dog is given the chance to meet their newborn baby brother.

Malamutes are one of the world’s oldest sled dog breeds. Their large size, substantial strength and considerable stamina lend perfectly to the job they were developed to do. But they’re also well-known for being playful and affectionate.

So while you may have been nervous that they would bring their usual energy to the encounter, their intelligence is astounding. Even two-year-old Teddy, the youngest and most energetic of the pack, understood that he had to be calm and relaxed around the tiny human.

Teddy was first in line, and upon entering the room, the gentle giant went straight to sniffing his new baby brother’s head. Then, he slowly climbed onto the couch to get a better look. (And to continue his sniffing.)

To see such a big, fluffy dog act so delicately with his tiny little human was so incredibly heartwarming. We could hardly handle the cuteness in his curiosity and constant sniffing. Plus, it was obvious that he had to hold himself back from completely covering his new brother in puppy kisses. What a good boy!

Once his baby brother gets a little bit bigger, Teddy is sure to be his perfect playmate. After all, both Malamutes and young children are famous for being bundles of energy. But for now, Teddy is the perfect candidate for being the baby’s bodyguard.

You can check out the viral video, below. Or, if you can’t get enough of this cuteness, you can keep up with Teddy, and the rest of his pack via their Facebook page.