Mountain lion comes across swing and plays with it just like a big kitty in adorable video

The big cat had been using the area as a resting spot for two whole days before it noticed that the swing moved. Then it was game on We love to see pets, especially kittens playing with their toys. Our social media platforms are flooded with these cute videos.

Ever seen a lion playing? In this video, a camera caught one mountain lion playing swing during the night. According to Project Cayote, mountain lions, a.k.a. cougars, pumas, or catamounts, are more closely related to smaller felines like domestic cats than to any other subspecies of lion.

Cougars are an adaptable and generalist species. It is found in most American habitat types. Its range is the greatest of any large wild terrestrial mammal in the Western Hemisphere. We may consider that this mountain lion is also part of the family of cats. Maybe that’s why they are so playful.

This lion just came to rest. After a fight for its food, this mountain lion decided to rest and sleep next to this swing.According to the uploader of the video, this lion is one of a pack of three lions that had been hanging out a month before in their neighborhood.But after 2 days, the lion realized that the swing moves.

The lion was shocked. You can see in this photo how surprised the lion was once the swing started to, well, swing.After realizing that the swing is moving, the lion started to play the swing.They say that curiosity kills the cat, but in this video, we may say that curiosity makes the cat happy.

With over 708k views, we can absolutely say that people love to see the playfulness of a wild animal like this mountain lion. Some of the followers said that it was surprising to see a lion playing in the wild.

Another one shared that he encountered some mountain lions while hiking and that they are good animals.Well, hope that these lions were not hungry.Based on the description uploaded on youtube, it says that this kitten was left by her mom.

The deer nearby was most likely her first hunt and kill. You may notice that her right cheek is a bit swollen from the fight. In an article published by National Geographic, it says after giving birth, a typical mountain lion mother stays tucked into her den with her litter of up to five kittens for their first ten days.

She purrs almost constantly to communicate with her babies, whose eyes open at about a week old. The study found that when the spotted, sharp-toothed kittens are about six weeks old, the family leaves the den together.

The kittens follow their mother, struggling to keep up at first, while she hunts. To hunt by herself, she frequently hides them close to a kill scene. They stick together most of the time once they can keep up.

See this mountain lion play with a swing just like a big cat in the video below!