Olivia The Long-Neck Cat, Part Giraffe Or Llama?

No, this photo has not been photoshopped this cat truly has a long neck.

Olivia is now waiting for kind adopters at the Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control.The cat has a long neck like a giraffe or a lama. At first sight, you will think that it is a little giraffe but having a closer look you understand

that it is a cat with a bit long neck.The white and grey tabby cat attracted the volunteers of the shelter. Oliver’s big green eyes and attractive long neck make him look like an animal star from the movies.He was found as a stray and his past was

a mystery as he had no microchip or collar. No one appeared to recognize the 4-year-old tabby cat so the shelter volunteers started their campaign to find new owners for him.Share Oliver’s story to contribute to finding kind-hearted adopters for the special cat.