Pack Of Wolves Surrounds Horse Which Lays Down In The Snow Belly Up

When a pack of wolves approaches another animal, that’s usually not a good sign for the animal in question. However, wolves aren’t always as intimidating as movies make them out to be. In a video, a group of bystanders filmed a pack of wolves approaching a horse.

At first, the witnesses feared the worst for the poor horse, but the horse ended up showing no fear. Instead of running from the wolves, the horse seemed unbothered by their presence, which ended in some adorable behaviors.

Horse walking near wolves

In the video, a group of wolves is hanging out near a large black and white horse. Two wolves are standing near the horse, watching his every move, while the others are lying down nearby. Once the horse walks, the wolves become more alert. They all stand at a distance and observe the horse, causing the nearby humans to believe they’re stalking the large mammal.

However, the horse doesn’t seem phased by the carnivorous canines. The horse doesn’t even acknowledge them, and instead, he trots straight toward the group of wolves and stands in the middle of them.

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Horse surrounded by wolves
The horse sniffs the ground as the wolves circle him. Then, after spinning around a few times, the horse plops down onto the snowy ground, causing the people filming to panic. The people behind the camera shout “No!” as if they fear the horse will become the wolves’ lunch. But to their surprise, the interaction has an uplifting result instead.

Horse Acts Like Playful Puppy
After the horse flopped over onto the snow, he rolled around playfully like a puppy seeing snow for the first time. As he rolls around and kicks up snow, the wolves freeze in place and stare at him. When snow flies toward the wolves, some of them jump out of the way, looking startled.

Horse rolling in the snow near wolves

No animals get harmed during this interaction. In fact, it seems like the horse is behaving as if he’s part of the pack. One YouTube user known as SubparPanda commented to explain what likely happened in this video:

“Basically these guys are Italian wolves, one of the smaller wolves, and have nothing in their diet bigger than a deer. Most wolves hunt large prey by running them down and exhausting/injuring them or surrounding and overwhelming them. They’ve probably never seen or hunted a horse before and are wary and curious.”

So, the wolves’ behaviors don’t indicate that they want to hunt the horse. Instead, they’re just curious canines. Animals are fascinating to observe, especially when they act unexpectedly. Sometimes, even the strangest pairs of animals can coexist.

Watch the Amusing Video Here: