Pit Bull Who Lost Her Eyes Clings To A Blanket When She Gets Scared

When Selly was found on the side of the road, it was obvious that she had been through a traumatic ordeal. Her wounds told a frightening tale. She had likely been hit by a car and attacked by another animal.

Thankfully, the SPCA took her in and she received immediate medical treatment.


Selly’s eyes needed to be removed. The poor dog who lived through a nightmare was now completely blind. By the time she went up for adoption, Selly’s eyes were sewn shut. Thank goodness a kind soul, named Hayley, didn’t see Selly’s disability. She saw Selly for the beautiful soul that she is!

Selly went from being on the streets to being a member of a loving family. Selly is understandably attached to her humans. Hayley is a college student who still lives at home. Selly adores Hayley’s mom and goes to her bedroom door and sits outside of it every morning, whether she’s home or not. Now that’s loyalty!

The brave dog found comfort that turned into an obsession: she loves blankets! Even though Selly is blind, she can tell the difference between a blanket and a towel. No blanket is safe in the house. If it exists, it is hers, but no one really minds.

Selly is still petrified of noises that remind her of the streets. Especially when she hears cars whizzing by. But with reassurance from mom and the rest of the family, the pup gets through it. Selly is an amazing dog and we’re elated she ended up with the perfect family!