Pittie falls asleep on foster mom’s hand after finally being rescued

Trap’s abandonment was caught on video, and it was truly heartbreaking to witness. Trap’s former owner tied him up and walked into the store near where Trap was tied up and told the store owner that a dog was left there.

After his dad disappeared, Trap looked visibly confused and upset. He was looking at everyone who walked by for help.

Thankfully, there were kind people who saw that the pup was distressed and recognized that he had been left.

The pit bull was taken in and brought to Mr. Bones & Co’s One Lucky Pup program after some Good Samaritans called them.

Those folks took good care of Trap and gave him a full medical check-up.

When they learned that he had hip dysplasia, they arranged for him to have a hip replacement.

And when that surgery failed, they got him another one and gave him extensive physical therapy until he regained his mobility.


Poor Trap also needed dental surgery to fix his teeth, which had rotted. They eventually learned that his given name was Trap after they were able to contact his former owners through Trap’s microchip.

Trap was sent to an exceptionally loving foster home with an awesome foster mom named Kristin.

She waited on him for six weeks until he was able to recover properly from his procedures.