Playful Dog Takes Sword Fight Very Seriously When Playing With His Family

Since 2020, Pinto Bean’s parents have been creating TikTok clips, and staged combat is a favorite element to include in their productions.

As a result, Pinto Bean has spent the majority of her life witnessing them act out battles with toy swords, and one day she decided she wanted to participate too.

When Pinto Bean spotted a huge stick lying around as the duo was out in a field recording a new video, she took the chance.

Pinto Bean’s mother, Anna Kimbro, told The Dodo that her dog “picked up the stick and started following them around while swinging the wood around as if it was her little sword.”

She seemed to have a great time swerving and attacking as I ‘blocked’ her attacks with my sword. I gave up eventually and let her “defeat” me before tumbling to the ground dramatically.

As she went down, Kimbro dropped her sword, which Pinto Bean immediately claimed as her own. Instantly after dropping her stick, Pinto picked up the sword and rushed off as she had just robbed my dead body, according to Kimbro. She’d learned from observing us, so we gave her the sword she’d snatched from me, and the rest is history.

Pinto Bean now has the foam sword she earned in combat. She also enjoys using a small fake dagger. She understands when it’s time to battle whenever she sees one of those.

Pinto Bean has been participating with her parents in any type of stage battle since the very beginning, and she has always loved it.

Now a skilled swordfighter, Pinto Bean. She plays with her swords regularly and appears to believe that all dogs play with their humans in this manner.

Every week or two, we play with her sword, according to Kimbro. “We try to do it fairly frequently, even though we don’t always record it for TikTok or Instagram, because she likes doing exercise that way.

She will nearly always take a stick and try to “battle” with it, even if we don’t get her sword out. She has even attempted to use a stick to “fight” my parents’ dog Luna, who is her greatest buddy. She was astonished when Luna reacted by running away and not grabbing a stick to defend herself.