Poppy has been completely enthralled with water since she was a kitten.

Poppy has been completely enthralled with water since she was a kitten. She’ll go to any length to get at it so she may drink and play with it all day, and while her family first didn’t understand her devotion, they’ve come to accept it as part of who she is.

“When we first got her as a kitten, I was scared she had some type of renal disease, but the vet checked her out and said she was okay, just unusual,” Poppy’s mom, Lacy Findley, told The Dodo.Poppy is now ten years old, and her passion for water hasn’t gone.

Poppy enjoys snuggling with her mother, watching bird documentaries, and, of course, scratching on the wooden coffee table in addition to her incessant hunt for water.

“She just likes to stretch out, especially on something wooden,” Findley explained. “I keep a variety of scratching objects for her, but they’re never as tempting as the coffee table.”

I regularly find her scratching the table while looking at me.”Findley came up with the idea of using a spray bottle to keep Poppy from scratching at the coffee table.

She assumed that even though it was water, Poppy would be irritated and quit clawing at the coffee table as a consequence of being sprayed with it — but even in spray bottle form, Poppy couldn’t resist the water and fell in love with the spray bottle she was meant to despise.

“I figured a spray bottle would help teach her not to scratch furniture,” Findley wrote in a Facebook post. “Now, when she’s thirsty, she scrapes the wooden furniture.”

Clearly, spraying Poppy is ineffective at getting her to stop clawing the furniture, so Findley has basically abandoned that method — although she still lets Poppy play with the spray bottle on occasion.

“I try not to spray with her because I don’t want to promote it… but she likes it so much that I do it now and again,” Findley explained.