Pregnant dog adopted just in time from kill shelter, gives birth on ride home

It’s always an exciting day when a shelter dog finally gets adopted.

And sometimes, these dogs find their forever homes at just the right time.That was the case for one pregnant rescue dog, who gave birth to puppies on the ride home from the shelter.In 2019, things weren’t looking good for Lizzy, a terrier, who

had a broken leg and was pregnant with puppies. Even worse, she was reportedly in a high-kill shelter in Georgia, and was at serious risk of euthanasia.But thankfully, Rebecca Lynch, president of Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida,

happened to intervene at just the right time.According to The Dodo, Rebecca was on vacation in Georgia with her husband, and decided to stop into a shelter to adopt a dog, knowing that the local, rural shelters often had high kill

rates.In particular she wanted to “save the neediest dog” they had: “I had space in my car and wanted to help,” she told The Dodo.That “neediest dog” was Lizzy. Rebecca decided to take the poor dog home, making a cozy space in her car for

their ride back to Florida.While the little dog was scared and nervous at first, she soon warmed up to her new adopter — and in the middle of their ride, something incredible happened: Lizzy began to give birth!“Once she felt safe and

comfortable, she decided it was time,” Rebecca said. “She started panting and she got restless; I told my husband, ‘I think she’s in labor!’”Lizzy gave birth to a healthy litter of puppies: she delivered three in the car, then another while they

stopped at the vet, and then two more on the rest of their car ride home.It was as if Lizzy waited until she was in safe, good hands before bringing her puppies into the world.At the end of that very eventful trip, Lizzy was finally at her

forever home, and it didn’t take long for all her pups to find families of their own.“All of her pups went to amazing homes when they were ready – they’re healthy, loved and spoiled rotten,” Rebecca reported a year later, according to a Facebook

post.Meanwhile, Lizzy has settled in well to her new home, and hasn’t let her traumatic past hold her back from being a happy, loving dog.“Lizzy is a doll. Bless her heart, with all that she’s been through in her short life, she is so loving and

trusting,” Rebecca told The Dodo. “She is a gentle and loving soul. Pretty remarkable.”A dog’s “freedom ride” from a shelter is always a special moment, but for Lizzy and Rebecca it was truly an unforgettable journey!

It’s clear that Rebecca adopted Lizzy at just the right time. Please share this heartwarming story as a reminder of the power of giving rescue dogs a home ❤️