Rescue Puppy Finally Leaving The Shelter, She Can’t Help But Smile

Matilda resists being depressed by anything.

Despite having a difficult beginning to life, the adorable puppy is one of the happiest puppies you’ll ever see.

When the pit bull pup was just two months old, the Douglas County Animal Shelter in Georgia found her as a stray.

She had skin conditions and worm infestations, but from the moment she was rescued, she was acting like a little beam of light.

She made everyone at the shelter happy and showered them with kisses.

She was adopted by Pibbles & More Animal Rescue after they met her at the shelter and fell in love with her right away.

Then her pleasure went into overdrive when it came time for her to move into a foster family.

Her tiny tail wiggled so quickly that it’s amazing it didn’t fly off.

Throughout the entire drive home to her new foster mother, Kerrie Rich, Matilda waggled her tail.

Even though the journey had been going for well over an hour, Matilda simply could not stop.

Matilda seems to have no memory of the past and is giddy with excitement at life.

The cute dog keeps her mind on the positive aspects of life and cheerfully spreads her happiness to all around her.

Now that Matilda has moved in with Rich, she is still ecstatic and never stops wagging her tail.

Matilda is bringing happiness to the whole family by playing with her new foster siblings.

She is so loving and can’t help but make everyone smile.

She will be prepared for the following stage of her adventure, which is finding a forever home, once her skin has totally cleared up.

Whoever is fortunate enough to bring this stunning girl home for good will have our complete envy!

As she does with everything else in her life, we have no doubt that Matilda will approach finding her permanent home with the same glimmering enthusiasm.

One happy family will soon experience great joy thanks to Matilda, and we bet her tail will start to wag even more.

Let Matilda’s happy wagging now make your day happier.