Rescued Kangaroo Insists On Resting On Couch, Cuddling His Dad And Watching TV With Him

If you own pets, you will certainly know how hilarious and adorable these furry family members are. From the very first time they got into your home to the time they became the real members of your family, it must be the greatest experience you ever had in your life, for sure.

The story, I’m telling you today is about a Kangaroo who was adopted by a kind-hearted family. This adorable, energetic kangaroo has an obsession with the couch. He has his own spot on that couch where he usually watches TV and cuddles with his dad.

His name is Rufus. He was adopted by a kind-hearted couple when he was 8 months old. His mom, Kym Haywood, runs the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston.

Rufus so adores the couch that he spent almost his time on that. Luckily, he has good parents who always understand and give the best things for him. They know that Kufus is inseparable from that spot, so they decided to give him the entire sofa and buy another one for their own. They reserved that spot for their beloved Kufus, no one could sit on his spot, even their guests.

In the video footage of Kufu, when his mom told him it was bedtime, he was slumping onto the sofa and burying his head in the blanket. Another time, when his mom tried to bribe him with grapes to get him out of the sofa, smart Kufus accepted the grapes then quickly flops back down onto the sofa. His lovely action right away melted down thousands of hearts on Instagram.

Kim and her husband, Neil, are very happy to have Rufus in their life. They love to cuddle Kufus and hang out with him every day. For them, Kufu is the cutest kangaroo in the world. Because of him, the family bonds become strengthen day by day