Rescuers Struggle Through A Lightning Storm To Bring Abandoned Dogs To Safety.

Fiona Mc Clintock, Kim Reid, and Katelyn Mannion, animal rescuers, knew they had to find 2 German Shepherd sisters when lightning storm started!

So, they acted directly in order to find the dogs and they spent 3 days looking for them in every woodland and field! But they gave up then as they believed that they would never find the dogs!

But everything changed when the hounds of the dogs were eventually spotted in a local farmer’s hut! So, they directly went there and took the dogs to a more secure environment.

The rescuers called the dogs Levina and Thora, and they directly started rehabilitating them. Lost Paws NI donated the veterinary treatment money, while a rescue facility was given by Little China Dog Rescue.

After being rescued, the dogs started gaining their trust in people again.

They also received the medications and therapy they needed before being placed in a foster home, where they will stay until they find forever homes! What a happy ending!

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