Senior Dog That Spent 8 Years Locked In A Cage Now Has Hundreds Of Toys

Late last year, an elderly dog by the name of JoJo was placed up for adoption. He had a bad background. When JoJo was just 7 months old, his previous family left him in a rural dog kennel. The unfortunate dog spent eight years imprisoned in a cage, but it appears that he never gave up on happiness because he now has hundreds of toys and a loving family.

The organization that ultimately saved JoJo years later was founded by Nicole Bruck. Nicole Bruck told The Dodo:

“JoJo’s “family” had used scissors to remove his ears as a puppy. The agonizing suffering that must have caused him is beyond our ability to even fathom.”

At the age of seven months, that callous family abandoned him at that “shelter.”

In her words:

Unfortunately, he would remain there for the following eight years, caged within a warehouse without any windows. There was only the hard floor in his cage; there was no drink, blanket, or towel.

JoJo’s ability to experience joy once more defies all odds, yet her spirit was unbroken.

In her words:

“At the age of 9, we saved him. His eight years of arduous imprisonment had no negative effects on his charm or charisma.

Kevin and Leann Karcher were there with their son, Jordan, who founded a business called Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. that was a vendor at the adoption event and donated 20% of the proceeds to no-kill shelters, when Animals R Family took JoJo to a Best Friends Super Adoption Event in New York in December of last year. Kevin and Leann then came across JoJo.

According to Kevin Karcher, The Dodo:

“Jordan got us engaged, and when we learned about JoJo’s tragic tale and saw that his chances of getting adopted were slim, we made the decision to lend a hand. As much life and love as we could into JoJo’s last years was our goal.”

After being neglected for so long, JoJo was still receiving medical care, but after she was totally well, she moved in with Kevin and Leann. At the age of 10, JoJo at last discovered the house she had always wanted. Additionally, Kevin and Leann lavish him with literally hundreds of toys in an effort to indulge him.