Shy Foster Kitten Is Obsessed With Being Spooned By New Dog Brother

“They spend all day long glued together” ❤️

When Sylvester first arrived at his foster home, he struggled to fit in. The naturally shy kitten didn’t know who or what to trust. But when he met the family’s pug, Cooper, everything changed.Sylvester immediately latched on to Cooper, looking to him for support and comfort.

And, because Cooper shared the same anxieties, the two became kindred spirits.Now, they’re inseparable.“Sylvester was curious about Cooper from the beginning,” Jacky and Yeshi, Sylvester’s foster parents, told The Dodo. “Cooper, despite being much bigger, was so confused and not

sure. For the first couple of days, Sylvester kept trying to get his attention, but it stressed Cooper out.”Eventually, Sylvester won Cooper over. Now, they both play, run around and spoon each other every chance they get.“Sylvester and Cooper are inseparable,”

Jacky and Yeshi said. “They spend all day long glued together. Sylvester waits for Cooper at the door when he goes out for his walks. He also waits for him after his bath and joins him in the tub once we drain the water.”You can watch Sylvester and Cooper’s bromance here:

It was a fast friendship from the start, but Sylvester didn’t always have a buddy like Cooper to watch out for him. When Little Wanderers NYC rescuer Mashaal Memom discovered Sylvester’s mom, a stray cat named Tweety who had babies, it took her three weeks to locate them.

But shy little Sylvester blossomed into a lovebug with a little TLC. Putting Sylvester with Cooper reinforced the kitten’s big heart. And, while neither Sylvester nor Cooper are up for adoption, and Sylvester’s mom and sister are looking for their forever homes

“Daffy is obsessed with people,” Lisa Scroggins, cofounder of Little Wanderers NYC, told The Dodo. “Their mom, who is a kitten herself, is also available for adoption and while she is shy,

she is timid and gentle like her son, Sylvester.”The rescuers are so glad Sylvester found a friend in Cooper, and hope the rest of his family will know that kind of love one day, too.