Spike, an English Springer Spaniel, was taken in by Catherine Morris and her family from a shelter a little more than 9 years ago.

Spike, an English Springer Spaniel, was taken in by Catherine Morris and her family from a shelter a little more than 9 years ago.

The new addition of the family had the entire family quite thrilled, but things have turned out radically differently than they had anticipated. Naturally, the dog has always appreciated sleeping with his family and friends. This is something that has not changed at all over the years.

As Catherine stated to The Dodo:“We shut the stairway door and went to bed the first night we had it. He cried for a little while before flinging himself through the door in the pitch black, sauntering into my parents’ room, and going to bed right away! From that point forward, he slept there.

The cute dog was in the middle of his golden years when he started to realize that his movements were slower and clumsier and that his energy level had significantly decreased.

Spike had two strokes, which caused Catherine and her parents great concern, but the dog wasn’t yet ready to leave his devoted family.After his second stroke, Spike was unable to stand by himself and the family would escort him around the house to lift his spirits. Surprisingly, the elderly dog had incredible inner strength and was able to regain his independence in walking.

Spike’s family decided to construct a gate on his stairway because they knew he would search for the entrance since, despite their efforts, he still lacked the power to ascend to the second level and reach his favorite spot, his parents’ bedroom. how to travel there.

But because the family was aware of how much Spike cherished spending time with them while they slept, they devised a strategy to make their beloved pet happy. In order to prevent Spike from attempting to jump the gate to the second level, Spike’s family agreed to alternate sleeping on the sofa with him each night.

By Catherine:My parents would spend alternating nights downstairs with Spike because of this new routine, which began when I was a college student. We can normally get a bit more sleep between the three of us now that I’ve moved in with the rotation.

They were always excellent buddies, and Catherine’s father always paid attention to anything his older dog might require. Their love was amazing.

The young lady continued:They cannot be separated at all. They are always conversing, and my dad refers to it as “old bean.” In order to ensure that Spike receives his medications and maintains his vigor, my dad also brings Spike’s water and food to the sofa and hand-feeds him.