Stray Cat Followed A Man Home From A Cafe And Decided He Was Her Dad Now

Whenever I hear stories like the one below, I can’t get the line «the wand chooses the wizard» from Harry Potter out of my head. Because, there is never anything more true than the fact that when the cat chooses their owner it is the most beautiful connection in the world.

Basil Akwan and his girlfriend tend to spend a lot of time working in a cafe in Kuwait. They both enjoy soaking in the atmosphere and they are not the only ones.

A pair of kittens also spent a lot of time visiting this cafe, and they soon realised who to go to for some attention!

“We used to see them together all the time — they always waited in the same spot for us to come, even on rainy days,” Akwan told The Dodo. “They would sneak on the table for food and cuddles.”