Stray Dog Was So Desperate She Jumped Into The First Car She Saw, And She Couldn’t Have Chosen A Better Person

There’s a saying you’re probably familiar with if you really love dogs: sometimes you don’t choose the dog, the dog chooses you. You’ll find this especially relatable if you’re fond of dog rescue and adoption.

Bill was traveling from Arkansas to Missouri, and he stopped at a rest stop to throw out some trash and use the WC. Imagine how surprised he was when he returned to his car and found a stray dog on the front seat.

The car window was down, so that’s probably how the dog managed to get inside. The poor pup was just skin and bones, sad, starved, and very tired.

It was apparent that the sweet dog needed help, and he just couldn’t turn his back on her. The dog definitely chose well; she found the best human for her. Very lucky dog.

Bill chose to let the dog stay and gave him some cookies since it was the only food he had in the car. It appears his new travel companion chose well because Bill already had three rescue dogs at home.

While driving home, Bill sent a photo of their new dog to his wife. She loved the surprise and immediately agreed to keep the pooch and decided to name her River.

First encounter with the new family.

When they arrived home, River didn’t want to leave the car. They believe she perhaps had a lot of bad things happen to her and just felt safer inside. Bill slowly took her in his arms and gently carried her into her new home, where River was introduced to her new family.

Her new family fed, washed and groomed her, and she got a special comfy and warm sleeping place. The next day they took her to the vet for a checkup. The examination showed some neck and face lacerations that she probably got in a fight, and heartworms and tapeworms were also found. Luckily, after medical treatment and some good home care, she was entirely healed and started to live her life to the fullest.

We all like happy endings like this one.