Stubborn Husky Boldly Steals Amazon Package And Won’t Give It Back

When delivery employees come to the door, the guard dogs are always on alert, which is something that we completely understand.

They are merely making an effort to keep the house safe! When the dogs see these workers approaching, they begin their wild barking frenzy and go completely bonkers.

Then there are the dogs who may occasionally run up to the delivery employees in the hopes of receiving some affection and possibly a treat.

So it stands to reason that these workers will need to maintain their alertness. Who knows what kind of animal they could possibly encounter? This altercation with a Husky, on the other hand, had to be a first.

A user on TikTok by the name of @jakegracey was on his way to someone’s house to deliver an Amazon order. As is customary, he left it on the deck to be picked up later. Then, the Husky sprang out of nowhere and grabbed it, according to what he claimed in the comments section.

This dog will make it appear as though the delivery was never delivered, even when it was! LOL! The popular online video has racked up more than 6 million views and 1.3 million likes as of right now.

LMAO! Despite his best efforts, the dog managed to steal the delivery. We have a strong suspicion that that family will never get that package back!

It was advised by @Snarfelle that you take a picture of the Husky holding it as proof that it was delivered. The evidence shown in this video is more than sufficient.

The command “Don’t do it” is ignored as the Husky tears open the package. The video abruptly cuts off then, but one thing’s clear: the receiver didn’t have to handle any unpacking! @merro, a second commenter, stated that the item had been “Delivered:

Handed directly to a resident.’ Done!” HA! Under the protocol, it was handed off to a member of the house. “It’s obvious that it’s his package. He’s waited all day,” @susknowsbest wrote.