Stubborn Husky Refuses To Come Downstairs

Stubborn animals are so funny….unless it is your animal who has decided to give you guff. It’s one of those “its hilarious until it happens to you” type of things.

One owner of a stubborn husky named Rex knows just what it feels like to have a dog who won’t listen, and they were able to capture his antics on camera!

Rex is a Siberian husky whose usually the goodest of boys, but sometimes he has his moments.

Rex decided that he was going to head upstairs when his owner, Sophie Ewan, wasn’t looking. Thankfully, Ewan has a good sense of humor about it! You can tell that she is probably used to this sort of thing by now.

Sophie tries to coax Rex to come downstairs, but her effort gets nowhere.

“Despite not being allowed upstairs this husky loves sneaking up when he can and refuses to come back down…The upstairs landing gets too hot so Sophie wanted Rex to come back downstairs to a cooler spot, but he was having none of it,” the video’s description reads.

Instead of listetning, he protested with some howling.

In addition to being vocal about his refusal to go downstairs, he is very vocal about his dinnertime (as he should be). He’s a big boy and he needs to eat!

Watch the hilarious video below: