Student raised a puppy for six months, and when he met with a veterinarian, it turned out that the dog was a wolf

George was an 18-year-old student when he found a stray pup in the street and brought him home.

The pup, however, acted very unusually. He didn’t wag his tail or bark but dug holes in the yard. George named him Neo.Soon it was time to visit a veterinary and George took him to the clinic. There a miracle happened. The vet told that it

was not a dog but a wolf.George was surprised to learn that he kept a wolf during these 6 months. The boy made a special enclosure for the wolf but the wild animal always dug and escaped. Once he was captured by an animal shelter form

where George got a call. He wrote his number down on Neo’s collar so they could contact him while his wolf would escape again.But this time the shelter staff told them that they needed to take the wolf to a special sanctuary. There Neo

would learn how to live in the wild. Though the wolf missed his owner and George missed him too but his instincts made Neo continue his life in the wild. Soon he was released to the forest and began to live in his natural habitat.