Stunning Photos For ‘Zorro’ The Father Cat Who Has A Lookalike Baby Kitten

Despite comic book logic stating that it’s impossible to see who it is hiding behind a mask, it’s not hard to identify this special cat.

Named Boy, although he is better known as Zorro for obvious reasons, this cat is now a father.

Zorro fathered a litter of kittens, and one particular kitten stood out for sharing his father’s dashing good looks.

He, too, donned a mask and a cap, just like his dad, and was, therefore, quite fittingly given the name Bandit.

Naturally, a cat with such a distinctive appearance almost immediately attracted notice online.

Millions of people have seen the footage of the masked father and son duo on TikTok, which has captured everyone’s attention.

Despite their masks, these two cats are about to become widely known online.