Sweet story: a puppy with two legs was lonely until she met a dog that looked like her

They were outwardly similar to each other and became wonderful friends.

One of Ihop’s favorite qualities in her attitude towards her is that she was born without two legs.

However, her biological parents intended to anesthetize her.

Since he had no legs, they did not want the dog to be like that.

When Duke and Steph were asked to pick up Ihop, who was born without legs, they did not hesitate to accept the cutest dog.

Ihop adapted well in her newfound reception house.

But she still studied, how and where to walk on two legs.

Once they brought another dog. Millie introduced Ihop, although they never came up.

Their friendship also forced Ihop to realize that she was «completely special» among others.

So definitely did not work. But subsequently, Ihop crossed the waffle dog.

Waffles recovered when he was only 10 weeks.

She fell into an inexperienced serious accident, due to which her legs were motionless. In addition, she also has two different eyes.

Steph and Duke intended to take care of waffles until she lost the quality of life.

Then the dogs meet each other: Waffles and Ihop.

These two instantly clicked each other, and for the first time we saw Waffles moving his feet.

We realized that this is a game as soon as we saw it.