Rescue dog who was always passed by finally finds a home after two years in shelter

Every shelter dog just dreams of the day they will find their forever home.

But it takes some longer than others — and sadly, some dogs have to wait months or even years before finding the right family.That was the case for one sweet dog, who spent over two years in a pound waiting for someone to take her home,

as she watched all the other dogs get adopted instead.But now, she finally has a happy ending of her own.Janice, a 9-year-old dog, spent much of her life in the Columbiana County Dog Pound, waiting to be adopted. Her carers struggled to

find the right family to give her a forever home.“We were so hoping this girl would have been in a home by now,” the shelter wrote earlier this month.After two years, Janice was the shelter’s longest-ever resident. They said that all the

dog’s meet-and-greets with potential adopters fell through or were no-shows.The sweet dog was heartbroken after being constantly passed over while other dogs found homes. “Janice has spent her life peering through a kennel at visitors,” the

shelter wrote. “Time after time, she has watched her fellow pound dogs be adopted, yet she is passed over every time for one reason or another.”One possible reason was that Janice could not be in a home with cats, although she got along

with most other dogs. And at 9 years old, Janice wasn’t the “bouncy puppy most people look to bring home,” they wrote.Still, the shelter could not understand why such a sweet dog was passed over for so long. “For some reason, they

just never seem to see her beautiful face when they’re looking,” Columbiana County Dog Pound wrote.“She is very friendly with people, but not overly needy. She likes a little attention, then she’ll go take a nap,” they wrote, adding that

Janice has always found joy in the “little things” like her bed and her stuffed bear.After more than two years, the pound tried harder than ever to get the word out about this sweet dog in need of a home — and now, finally, Janice’s story has a

happy endingOn April 15, the shelter shared an update saying that Janice “found the perfect family.”“These sweet folks have been looking to add a dog to their family for a little while and when she saw Janice’s story on the news she said

‘that’s my dog’!” the shelter wrote.Columbiana County Dog Pound said that Janice went to her new home on Sunday. We know she’ll be very happy at last.“Things have a way of falling together when it’s meant to be and this is a match made in

heaven! These folks are so kind and so sweet. Janice absolutely LOOOOVES and adores them both.”We’re so glad Janice finally found a home!

No dog should have to be in a shelter that long, but we’re glad this sweet dog’s long wait has finally come to an end.Share this amazing news!