The Best Pet Insurance For Dogs 2023

Choosing the best pet insurance for dogs is one of those tasks that’s easy to put off because it seems like a chore. But pet insurance plays an essential part in keeping your dog feeling their healthiest and happiest. When the vet bills are covered, you can focus on your pup’s care instead of stressing over how to pay.

Paying a low monthly premium for pet insurance is worth it when compared to dropping thousands of dollars to pay emergency vet bills. And in this day and age of stretched budgets and rising prices, unexpected bills can build a quick road to financial ruin. So, save your bank account and give your dog a better chance of surviving the unexpected by choosing a pet insurance plan for your dog today!

Wading through all the companies on the market can seem like an impossible task, but our list of the best pet insurance for dogs will make sorting the options far more manageable. But before we look at the best companies for pet insurance, let’s answer your pet insurance questions to start you on your way.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Pet Insurance for Dogs
What is Pet Insurance?
Like your health insurance policy, pet insurance offsets the cost of medical expenses related to your dog’s care. Policies typically include coverage for diagnostics and treatments related to accidents and illnesses. But many brands will provide you with plan options, such as accident and illness coverage, accident-only policies, and wellness plan add-ons for yearly health care costs.

Simply put, pet insurance is way less of a hassle than insurance for people because you’re not limited by frustrating networks, allowing your dog to see the vet of your choice. And paying a monthly premium means big vet bills become a thing of the past because you’ve got insurance covering you and your pup!

What Do Pet Insurance Policies Cover?
With accident and illness plans, you can expect coverage for injuries related to accidents and most sicknesses, including those caused by hereditary conditions and congenital conditions. Think cancer, broken bones, stitches, and even ingesting things like toys or socks.

In the end, plans tend to cover the majority of costs. And because most pet insurance providers want you to get your money’s worth, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at what they will cover. Read over competitors’ websites and compare what they include in coverage and what they don’t as part of your pet insurance research.

What Isn’t Covered by Pet Insurance?
Do pet insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions? That was probably one of your first questions, and it’s a good one. Typically, pre-existing conditions are not covered, and that’s one reason it’s crucial to get a pet insurance plan for your puppy or adult dog as soon as you bring them home. That way, you’re staying ahead of expensive illnesses and getting more for your money when it comes to your pup’s plan. That said, some companies will decide to cover a pre-existing condition if it heals and dogs don’t require treatment for a year or more.

While pet insurance covers a lot of expenses outside of pre-existing conditions, there are a few things they typically don’t, including such services as:

How Does Pet Insurance Work?
Pet insurance is easy to obtain and maintain! Get started with our handy pet insurance quote tool to compare prices and find your ideal policy. Then, click through to your chosen provider’s website to sign up. Once you’ve decided the nuances of your policy, you’ll pay a monthly premium based on your dog’s breed, age, and zip code, as vet costs vary from region to region.

To use your coverage, most companies offer an easy digital experience via their app, where all you have to do is upload a photo of your vet bill, and the reimbursement process begins. Once you’ve made your claim, you sit back and wait for your payback.

After your pup is enrolled for services, be aware that most pet insurance companies will have a waiting period before coverage begins. Usually, these timeframes average a few days for accident coverage and roughly two weeks for illnesses. Some carriers also impose longer waiting periods for issues like hip dysplasia and other orthopedic problems.

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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost on Average?
The price of pet insurance for dogs varies, as costs are based on a range of factors, including your dog’s age, breed, and where you live. And with the ability to tailor options for annual maximum coverage, deductibles, and reimbursement amounts, prices will also vary. Some companies only offer unlimited yearly coverage, so you won’t find much wiggle room there. However, for pet insurance brands that offer choices in coverage amount, opting for the lower maximum coverage option can lower your policy price.

Now, is the amount of the deductible important? Yes! Both the deductible and reimbursement amounts you choose will make an impact on your monthly rate. The deductible, or how much of the bill you pay as your portion, can range anywhere from fifty dollars to one thousand. Reimbursement amounts are figured in percentages, and when setting up your plan, you typically have choices of 70%, 80%, or 90%. Some providers, however, offer amounts for reimbursement as low as fifty percent.

And when considering what differences the deductible and reimbursement amount options can create, remember these two factors:
The higher the deductible option you choose, the lower your premium will be.
Your premium will be higher if you opt for a higher reimbursement amount.

Certain factors will result in pet insurance plan discounts:
Multiple Pet Discount – For families with more than one furry member, multiple pet discounts can save five to ten percent on policy costs.
Pay Premiums Annually – Some pet insurance companies will offer a five to ten percent discount if your pay the entire premium amount in one yearly sum.
No Claims Made for a Year – At the time of your annual renewal, some providers will offer a percentage off your policy after a year with no claims at renewal.
Military Discount – Many of the best pet insurance companies offer discounts for military members and veterans.
Bundle Discount – Insurance companies that provide insurance for other aspects of life, like home and auto, will usually offer a ten percent discount for bundling all your policies under their umbrella.
Find out how much pet insurance costs for your dog with our handy comparison tool!

Does My Dog’s Breed Affect the Cost of Pet Insurance?
Yes, breed matters concerning policy premiums because dog breeds suffer from various hereditary health issues. And treating certain genetic diseases can be expensive. So, when doing all the insurance math magic, providers consider this when calculating your dog’s monthly cost for coverage. But don’t worry about your dog being denied coverage because of their breed. Most companies will cover all breeds, from small to tall!

Do Indoor Pets Need Insurance?
All pets, whether they live solely indoors or frequent the outdoors, would benefit from a pet insurance policy because whether outside or inside, sickness and injury can happen anywhere and anytime.

What Are the Benefits of Having Pet Insurance for Your Dog?
For most dog parents, purchasing pet insurance comes down to peace of mind. Sadly, veterinarians report pets not covered by insurance are significantly less likely to survive a major emergency, as many families cannot afford a vet bill of thousands. Experts recommend setting aside at least $5,000 for your dog’s emergency care. But if that’s not possible, pet insurance can save the day financially so you can focus on your pup’s care and not stress over bills.

Now that we’ve answered your questions let’s get down to it! Who are the best pet insurance companies for dogs?

The 9 Best Pet Insurance Companies for Dogs