The cat simulates the injury to get inside and warm millions of hearts.

The cat simulates the injury to get inside and warm millions of hearts.

Cats seem to have this extremely unusual ability to deceive everyone, and I am sure that there are many lovers of cats who confirm this.

Nevertheless, this cute kitten can be the smartest cat in the world.

What is the reason? Her extremely specific manner of informing the owners that she had eaten fresh air and wants to go inside.

Despite the fact that her people are well aware of her trick, they continue to come across her fishing rod.

They even recently caught her in the photographs, and as a result, a clean animal is obtained.

This striped cat understands how to enter the house, despite the fact that her door is closed.

While her difficult (she believes), mother watches her through a glass window.

A smart cat makes a depressed expression and pretends to be wounded in order to attract the attention of his mother.

«Do you have something with the paw, Susan?» The woman asks.

As expected, she did not take much time to succeed, so her mother had no other choice but to let her in.

However, as soon as it gets inside, its lameness disappears!

Susan’s mother decided to publish a funny video on the network, and her worthy Oscar quickly became viral.

According to the viewers, Susan is not the only cat in the world that can simulate the disease to get what is desired.

Nevertheless, her game would make me green from the envy of even the most famous actors.