The dog came every day for food and took it in a bag to the underpass. The man followed it

On a construction site, Ivan operated a crane. Being fatigued from yet another long day at work, the man chose the route that passed across the courtyards of homes as a shortcut to his residence. He then became aware that a dog was pursuing him.


The appearance of the animal suggested that it was a street animal. The dog was holding a parcel between its mouths, which startled the man. So they strolled side by side till the man got home. Ivan started immediately working on making his own dinner at home because he was starving. At this point, he glanced out the window and saw the same dog that had been following him the entire time. Its face bore a very dejected expression.

The man brought bread and sausage to feed the poor dog since he thought it was starving.

Ivan decided to watch the activity of the four-legged creatures from the window. To his surprise, the dog put all the food in a bag and left.


Three days later, Ivan came upon the dog once more. This time, it was brought to Ivan for work. As he went to his floor to get another portion of candy for the dog, it was waiting for him by the door. Toast and bacon were the menu today. The dog continued to act in the same manner with the food as before.

The man decided to put all of the food in a bag and follow the dog the next time. The dog then turned to the subway, where an elderly man was sitting on the steps, after they had already traveled for about a kilometer.

The dog’s owner gave the package to the canine and divided the contents in two. He gave a devoted friend half of it.

The dog’s acts, which helped its owner get through a difficult time in his life, drove Ivan to tears.