The dream of every shelter dog is to find a home and a loving family.

The dream of every shelter dog is to find a home and a loving family.

However, for some dogs, this dream comes true quickly, while others have to wait months and years.

So one cute dog stayed at the shelter for more than 2 years, watching how one by one the other dogs were taken away.

However, she waited for her happy ending.

A dog named Janice spent most of her life in a shelter, waiting to be adopted. The shelter staff tried their best to find her a loving home.

Two years later, Janice became the shelter’s longest-ever resident. For some reason, all meetings with future owners were not successful.

Janice was sad that everyone was walking past her and taking other dogs one by one.

The shelter staff did not understand how no one wanted to adopt such a wonderful dog.

Perhaps one of the reasons was that she could not be kept with cats. Or the fact that she is not a very active dog.

For some reason, the future owners, looking into her face, did not notice how beautiful it was.

Janice is not a demanding dog. She just needs a little attention, and then she goes to take a nap.

The joys of her life were such little things as her toy and bed.

After more than 2 years since Janice came to the shelter, the staff tried even harder to find her a home.

And they succeeded.

One sweet family saw Janice’s story and said, “That’s our dog”!

Janice fell in love with them at first sight.

The shelter staff believed that Janice had been waiting for her people for so long for a reason. Fate decreed that after such a long wait, she got the best family.