The extraordinary large size of this giant cat astonished thousands of people; he is the largest cat in the world

This amazing kitty is almost two years old, though he already weighs 28 pounds.

Usually the typical felines may weigh 18 pounds. This case is phenomenal, because he grows so fast, that in the age of three or four, she will weigh up much more.

As his owner says, she has no idea how much he will grow, maybe he is giant, but it is absolutely normal for her. She will not stop adoring that huge and awesome creature.

Though his huge size, the cute kitty has a sensitive soul.

He is a smart, peaceful and handsome boy.

This cutie’s human did not imagine, that after two years, his kitten would grow up, becoming the largest cat in the world.

The girl said, that though he might appear scary, but he was a very kind and humble kid. He has a unique ability to feel and see the vibe of an area.

She added, that her kindest giant was as smart, as a human being; he did not shout, or grizzle, or even hurt the furniture.

People who see him, do not believe in his peaceful and humble character.

Moreover, when people met him, they presume that the giant kitty is a dog right away.