The four cats who were saved cling to their dog, thinking it’s their mother.

Two weeks ago, a San Francisco shelter received a request for help for a litter of two-week-old kittens. They arrived at the sanctuary after hours. Most rescue organizations were overburdened, and bottle-fed kittens demanded more effort.

One of the volunteers and her sisters looked after them so they could get care all day in the comfort of a home. They were slightly filthy, but typically in good health.

The bottle of kitten chow was swiftly consumed by the four cat brothers.Before going to sleep on their cozy bed, they gave themselves a thorough washing.

The nearby Husky was adamant about helping them. The dog likes seeing the several small children that his family has adopted over the years every time they bring home a fresh litter.

The moment the kittens saw the dog, they immediately recognized her as their mother and raced to her side. Jetta, the boldest of the four, encouraged her dog lover by jumping on top because she loved her.

Like a newborn duckling, he became hooked to the dog and followed her about. Look at how cute the dog is playing with her new puppies!