The little dog lived near a pile of trash, using an old boot as a shelter

It’s very sad to see many cases of abandoned dogs, cats, and other animals. They are dumped like trash on the side of the road, tied to a tree, and sometimes even worse. That’s why we are happy to read stories of animals with happy endings.

Goran Marinkovic is a kindhearted man who often feeds and takes care of stray animals in Kraljevo, Serbia. Currently, he’s feeding around 100 cats and dogs.

“I feed abandoned animals on the street that are not getting food from humans and have no owners. Their numbers are constantly rising,” Goran shared.

In March of 2020, when he went to visit them, he stumbled across a tiny puppy sleeping next to a shoe. The little dog lived near a pile of trash, using an old boot as a shelter. Goran noticed that the pup was cold, hungry, and thirsty, so he gave her some food.

He looked around but couldn’t find any other dogs. So, he decided to take the little pup home. He named her Smesten and was determined to help her grow into a healthy and happy dog.

Thanks to all the love, food, and care she got, Smesten’s grown into a beautiful, friendly, and loving dog who’s always excited to go on adventures with her family. Her loving personality started to show off. “She loves people,” Marinkovic said. “She’s always cheerful.”

It’s very sweet to see people love all animals and want to help them. Please consider helping animals in need in your area, perhaps by volunteering or donating to a shelter.

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