The rare condition of an adult German Shepherd named Ranger means he will always look like a puppy

The German Shepherd, named Ranger, is 4 years old, but looks like a puppy.

All due to dwarfism, which allowed the dog to grow only a third of the standard size of its breed.

Due to inbreeding, that is, closely related crossing, Ranger developed pituitary dwarfism.

It was this disease that influenced the growth of the four-legged.

“Dwarfism is an inherited genetic disorder in which both parents are carriers of the defective gene. Lack of growth hormone slows the development of a dog from about 2 months of age,” said veterinarian Lynn Janes.

Affected puppies are always smaller, and they also do not have the same hair as in adults. The fur of dwarf dogs remains soft and fluffy,
– added Lynn Janes.

The owner of Ranger, Shelby Mayo, takes good care of her pet.

After all, most dogs with dwarfism die before reaching 3 years of age.

However, thanks to Shelby’s care, the shepherd dog is in excellent health.

The woman created an Instagram page for Ranger.

All so that more people know about the effects of inbreeding on dogs.

More than 139 thousand users have already subscribed to the account.

According to Shelby, she is often approached with a request to breed dwarf shepherd dogs, which she greatly outrages

She is very fond of Ranger, but tries to prevent breeding of dogs with dwarfism, as this disease shortens the life of the animals.