The stollen dog, saved from the cockfighting ring, reunited with his owner

The miserable pit bull was found in an awful condition and rescued from the cockfighting ring. The police officers discovered his owners and they have been reunited. It was really thrilling.

The dog’s owner April was dishearted after losing her favourite companion and searching for him in everywhere. She even offered 500$ to the one who would help her to find the adorable pet. But all was in vain. So the woman lost her last hope meeting her friend again. It was really distressing for her.

A few years later April saw the photoes of her pet on one of the shelter’s FB page. And what an excitement! She immediately called the shelter and proved that it was her pet as it had two white spots in its neck.

Soon the meeting took place. It was truely emotional.
April was amazed as she found her dog to be the mother of a few little puppies.

The happy end of the touching story.