The woman was sure she had taken a poodle. But then the dog grew up

Dogs do not need a lot of space and they are easy to keep at home. This girl also thought like this when she brought a little poodle home.

In 2019 Nina Ayling from England found a dog in the street and thought that it was a little poodle puppy. She wasn’t mistaken for 100%.

The puppy was a mixture of a Newfoundland and a poodle. At teh time the puppy was found he was only 6 weeks old. The girl thought that the dog would grow up and would still be the same size but here she was mistaken greatly.

She named him Milo and the poodle grew not by day, but by the hour. Now Milo’s size exceeds one and a half meters!

Though the girl was shocked she still loved the dog and decided to keep him.