The workers bravely fought the python to save their beloved cat from its embrace.


One day, a group of workers heard a cat squeak and went over to investigate. The males were quite familiar with Tyson and Paul the cat.

Cats frequently came to visit them while they were working in the yard. When they looked into the woods after hearing a sharp squeak, they discovered something strange and horrifying. Their pet Paul was already encircled by a large python that was planning to eat it.

Pythons are renowned for having exceptional physical power and swiftly swallowing their prey. With the use of a stick, one of the workers pushed the snake’s head to the ground while the other started to unwind it. The prey had to be let go by the python.

The poor cat was so terrified that it was practically paralyzed and laid still for several minutes. The cat was then taken by one of the men, who started shaking it. The cat then managed to stand up on still-cotton paws.

They transported the python away from the building site so that he wouldn’t hurt anyone else. They provided him new water, fed him his favorite food, fish.

Fortunately, there were no victims in this tale; the only one who went hungry was the python.