This ‘Blind’ Dog Who Was Lost In The Woods For A Week Gets Saved By A Man.

This Poor Dog Was So Lucky To Be Found By A Man After Suffering The ‘’ Of The Woods.💖

Sage, a 12-year-old blind Labrador, is a sweetheart and the family’s only pet.


Imagine how upset they were when they discovered Sage was ‘’ from their yard after they had unintentionally left her there. With assistance from their neighbors, a search was launched immediately.

They wrote on social media and distributed flyers. But no trace of Sage appeared until a few more days had passed.

Don Estrada, who lives next door, was on a trip in the forest when he came upon what at first glance appeared to bea bin bag.


He was shocked to learn that it wasn’t what he thought it was as he got closer, which made him angry about how careless people might become.🙏
Sage’s expression significantly improved when she recognized Don’s canines.

He was even more shocked to discover that it was Sage and that the dog was immobile but still alive. Sage made a small twitch that let him know she was still alive as he was planning how he would inform the Cole Family.

Due to the lack of food and water, Sage was quite weak, so Don carried her while carefully ascending the slope.💖

Sage was still alive after 8 days by herself in the woods, so she returned home.

Sage was at last reunited with her family at home. Her family made sure that she never left their sight again, and she was fed, bathed, and taken care of.


This story shows how generous pet lovers are, Sage is gentle and adorable and have an awesome family.💖

Dogs are amazing, they deserve the protection and love💖


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