This cat was rescued and raised as a husky, now she considers herself a big and brave dog

A friendship between a dog and a cat is one of the cutest. We’ve introduced to you enough stories to prove that dogs and cats can be best friends.

There are no dogs that imitate cats but many kitties like to feel themselves stronger and show a dog attitude. We have a similar situation in this story.

Once a small and defenseless kitten, by the name of Kozy, was thrown in the street all helpless and confused.

But fortunately, she was rescued by an owner of three huskies, along with whom she grew up. Today Kozy is already an adult cat, which considers itself such a big and daring dog like her “brothers”.

We’ll just take a look. She really feels herself part of this other family.

But it is not surprising, because they grew up together.

Kozy likes to show a bossy character and feel bigger than she is. This cat can’t imagine her life without her big brothers.

She loves playing with them, showing her flexible body tricks and just enjoy their company.

Kozy is safe, and maybe the safety that her dog brothers give to her, makes the cat feel much more confident than she is.