This guy shares photos of a 550-puond huge and majestic lion: he has looked after him for 10 years

If you ask him who is his oldest and closest friend, he may answer you it’s a 550-pound huge kitty.

He is 27 years old, and the last 10 years he has shared a nice and close relationship with this huge kitty, named George.

The guy has worked in a wildlife park, where he is the head of animal cultivation and care.

So, it’s here, that he has taken care of the massive cat from a small baby to fully grown and powerful lion.


The young man confesses, that it’s the same feeling to see George maturing up as your own kid or sibling.

The massive kitty adores his human friend: he can spend as much time as possible with him.

But the young man says, that, sometimes, like a human, the gloomy lion also has bad days, when he doesn’t fancy to communicate with anyone.

But when he’s in a good mood his human brushes his curly hair, and passes his time with playing and cuddling him every day.

However, as Larenty used to say, in the end, sometimes their natural instincts activate: when a lion goes at you, the other ones join it.

The close and heart melting relationship between Larenty and George has stolen millions of fans’ attention and hearts on social medias.

How a young man can have an impact on a wild lion to suppress his instincts and make a friendly relationship with him!

This is amazing!