This is a wonderful act: cute dolphins saved a small dog from drowning in the Florida Canal

Animals can be so loving and kind with their friends.

We must have heard many stories about dolphins saving people in the sea. Let’s put a little dolphin for his amazing act of kindness.

Turbo, 11-year-old Doberman, went missing from his house on the island of Marco, Florida. The little dog must have tried to stay afloat until she was noticed by a flock of dolphins.

The dolphins swam to the frightened dog and began to push her with their noses to keep afloat. Fortunately, this attracted the attention of some people at the edge of the canal. They saw a small dog, desperately floating on the water surrounded by dolphins.

The dolphins seemed to feel what they needed to do to save the dog’s life, and also attracted the attention of people who could help save the dog from deep water.

Firefighters ran to the noise and pulled the dog out of the water. He was shaking a little, but he was in order. Firefighters determined that the dog was [stuck] for almost 15 hours – a lot of time to continue to swim, especially if you are not a marine creature.

Thank you for fighting so bravely, a little dog!

It is amazing how animals look and help other animals in trouble can teach us a lot about life and how to live right.

A happy dog, a precious picture, I also love dolphins, they, as you know, save people, so very smart.

Bless their cute hearts