This is very touching: this beautiful lion says goodbye to the Savior after 20 years of marriage

Thanks to this woman who loved him and treated him so kindly.

Jupiter-Colombian Lion, famous for when he lived on the villa Rfamous Villa Lorena.

Villa Lauren is a shelter for animals that do not look like any other who cares about hundreds of animals who have been abused, including a lion named Jupiter. Many of the animals previously belonged to drug traders who were arrested.

Ana Julia Torres The caretaker of the four lions, nine Bengal tigers, jaguars, crocodile, crowned bear, ostrich, chimpanzees, spider-shaped monkeys and hundreds of bright birds. According to Ana Julia, one thing unites them all: they were all subjected to violence. They are lame or lost a hand or leg, they are blind, either cannot concentrate, or actually lost their eyes.

Earlier, Jupiter lost confidence in people and began to be afraid of contacts with people. This phobia disappeared when Anna Julia took care of him.

However, due to the fact that she reported the absence of documents for the maintenance of a lion, the authorities excluded Jupiter from the treatment program for Anna Julia.

Unfortunately, veterinarians put him diagnosed terminal liver cancer and anemia. He quickly lost weight and became very ill. When he had the opportunity to see Anu Hulia in the Los Kaymanes zoo for the last time, she found his kidneys and liver damage, and he was so thin.

Jupiter fell ill with liver cancer and died in 2020, but the memory of him was alive. Goodbye, Jupiter, you must be happy in heaven!

Let this beautiful lion now rest after so many suffering, and many thanks to the woman who loved and raised him only to lose him.

Thank God for good people who work so hard to save them.