This Orphaned POssum Was FOund In POOr COnditiOn After Being Hit By A Car, But A DOg AdOpted Him And They Are Like Family

Poncho, an orphaned opossum, was discovered on the side of the road with little chance of surviving. Poncho was too young to survive on his own, but Hantu, a dog, protected the small marsupial and made sure that his tale would not finish tragically.

Animal rescue crews discovered the little baby opossum clinging to her mother’s side after she had sadly been struck by a car, and Hantu, the white German Shepherd, adopted Poncho.

The infant was found in bad condition on the side of a rural road. He had little hope of living when he got to the vet facility. The abandoned opossum was taken in by Hantu, who treated her like the dog she had never had.

Poncho was nursed by the clinic personnel in an effort to help him live, but he lacked a mother to keep him warm and take care of him. Until Hantu made the decision to adopt him. She started to care for Poncho more and more, even though she had never given birth, like a shelter dog that possibly needed companionship.