This Stray Mother Dog Uses Tearful Eyes to Beg Passersby to Take Care of Her Children

The zoo celebrated this event not only that Asian elephants are rare species but also because only 1% of elephants give birth to twin babies. In these cases, one of the babies doesn’t survive or the mother dies after labor. So this birth is a great celebration.

With the weather turning colder and colder, life is becoming increasingly tough for stray dogs, particularly those dog moms with stray puppies, whose own lives are complicated by the addition of these little guys.

When a netizen returned home a few days ago, he encountered a stray dog. The netizen didn’t want to approach it because it was unclean, but as he peered at it, he saw that the dog had been gazing at him. When the netizen saw Gouzi’s miserable appearance, he went away in shame, claiming that by chance, the few steamed buns that the netizen had just purchased were put in the bag, and Gouzi is now lucky.

Netizens didn’t want to waste any more time on Gouzi, so they turned around and left, but Gouzi unexpectedly barked at the netizen at this time, then ran over to pick up the buns and turned around to leave, but Gouzi didn’t leave all at once; instead, after running away, he looked back at the netizen. Consider this: most people in this circumstance will realize that there is a problem with the dog. As a result, netizens followed Gouzi and Gouzi.