This trio is nice and cheerful. These adorable friends also share a bed.

The names of these gorgeous pairs of retrievers are Watty and Kikao. They’ve been friends for a very long time, but without Harry,

the cat who mistakenly believes he’s their brother and has adopted all of their puppy characteristics, their friendship wouldn’t be complete.

This trio is nice and cheerful. There will never be a dull moment for a cat, two puppies, or their antics. These adorable friends also share a bed.

Harry’s adorable cat may lie imposingly between the corners where retrievers like to nap, provoking dogs to play games on him.

Three more adore going on trips with their owner, who has taken them all across the country.

These remarkable critters’ owners set up a separate profile for them on social media, and these cute animals immediately gained a lot of fans who like following their antics, amassing over 200 thousand.

As this instance shows, cats and dogs are not inherently antagonistic; instead, they may get along and even become friends.

Have you ever seen a case this cool? What a wonderful and enduring friendship.