We Were All In Tears!” Emotional Moment Dog Is Back In Owner’s Arms After Being Missing For 5 Years

For many pet owners, their fur babies are important members of the family, and they could never imagine they would lose them one day.

If pets passed away, the owners would cry hard while wishing their babies could enjoy a pleasant life in Heaven. However, in missing cases, pet parents tend to suffer from agonizing pain as they have no clue about how their babies are or whether they are alive. That is why if one day the owners could reunite with their missing pets, it would be one of the best days of their life.

A moving reunion story between a dog and her owner has happened in Evanston Animal Shelter recently. The director, Tanya Ohanian, had been informed of a dog roaming around in the vicinity of Cook County, Illinois. She thought the dog was a stray, but the staff at the shelter found a microchip in their body. Nonetheless, the information was outdated, so there was little chance of finding the dog owner.

Luckily, Microchip Hunters, a local organization, lent them a helping hand and eventually figured out the dog’s specific information. It turned out that the supposed stray got a cute name, Dottie, and she had been parted with her beloved family for five years

Ohanian contacted the dog owner asap to bring the fantastic news to them. George Loving, the dog’s father, couldn’t believe his ears when he heard that Dottie was back. He had been missing his precious baby for so long that he was thrilled to see her again.

“I cried many nights about it,” Loving remembered.

Though Dottie’s family was afraid that their pup might forget them after a long time, the dog surprised them with a sweet reaction when she saw them.

“There was never hesitation,” Ohanian said. “It was just beautiful.”

This reunion melted everybody’s hearts. Not only was the family over the moon, but the shelter staff also felt happy for them. All shed happy tears to congratulate the perfect end for Dottie’s story.

“It was emotional for all of us,” Ohanian said. “I think we were all in tears.”

No one knew about Dottie’s adventure during the last five years, and her experiences would probably be a mystery forever. No matter what happened, however, she still overcame all the adversities and returned to the gentle hugs of her loved family.

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