What will happens if a baby lynx is raised as a pet? It can be as playful and affectionate as a kitten.

What will happens if a baby lynx is raised as a pet? It can be as playful and affectionate as a kitten. When it grows older, this majestic cat becomes a big, clumsy ball of fur.

Anastasia Poznyakm from Russia is the owner of two energetic lynxes named Geralt and Bulochka. She is a cat person, so she always wants to adopt at least one.

You may be doubted why the woman doesn’t adopt adorable fragile kittens. She has a crowded doggy gang of six huskies, a Samoyed dog, and a Northern Inuit dog. Obviously, a cat is difficult to adapt to her house.

Additionally, it’s legal to take a lynx cub from fur farms in Russia, so Anastasia decides to adopt one. She believes that she can raise the big cat well.

The first lynx that Anastasia brought home is Geralt, named after Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher. When she introduced the baby lynx to her dog pack, she didn’t think it could fit in so quickly.

But the cub did and soon became a part of the gang. The dogs accepted another species in their home. Geralt was loved and cared for by her doggy brothers and sisters. These dogs were tolerant and patient with their youngest sibling.

They allowed the “naughty” lynx cub to nibble their tails, chew up their ears, and sleep on their bellies. They also shared their food with the lynx although he himself stole it.

The dogs acted as the babysitters of the lynx cub. They always kept their eyes on their baby brother and played with him. And Banshee, our senior dog, took the baby lynx under her wing. The special bond of the gang got their mother astonished.

When Geralt was one year old, Anastasia adopted another baby lynx, a cute sweet baby girl named Bulochka (which means “bun” in the Russian language).

Anastasia gave the lynx cubs all her love. She managed to raise and tame him successfully. Now Geralt and Bulochka the lynx are awesome and friendly big cats.

They love their doggy siblings and refuse to separate from them. The odd gang spends time playing, eating, and chasing together.