When a lady brings a kitten home, her cat assumes the role of a devoted sister for the little animal.

Meghan, a native of Texas, decided to bring home a sick kitten after spotting it on the street a few weeks earlier. The kitten, whom Meghan named Garry, was ill-conditioned and unable to adjust to his new environment.

The kitten was fortunate to soon get an older brother called Picky who started helping him with everything.

The elderly Picky lived with Meghan for years, despite spending the most of his time outside and only sometimes going into the girl’s home to feed and rest.

But as soon as he saw Garry, everything changed: the aloof cat suddenly developed empathy and compassion. Picky started playing with, cleaning for, watching out for, and even putting to bed his younger sister.

Picky was relieved to be back home since he had been so missing the kitten. Now that he is progressively recovering, Little Garry likes spending time with his elder brother, who is now primarily at home.

There will always be someone prepared to look after you, no matter what occurs. The same is true for animals.