Woman Acts Fast When She Spots Pile Of Abandoned Fluff On Busy Dirt Road

When Hanna Wilson saw 2 black and white puppies in the middle of a dirty road, she was going out with her son just like always. But seeing the dogs needed an immediate help directly changed her plans. She stopped the car and went to take a closer look to the dogs. Once she got very close, she was completely shocked as there were not only 2 pups, but 8 of them.

So, she decided to help them as they were in danger of being hit by cars. She contacted Soul Dog Rescue and told them about the dogs as she knew that they would be happy to help them. The director of the rescue group, Shelby Davis, said that once they got the massage, they stopped everything and went to help the pups.

While going to the scene, she received another massage from Wilson telling her that there were thirteen pups not just 8! As the traffic was getting worse and Davis was so far away, Wilson and her son decided to take it on themselves by rescuing as many pups as they could. Thankfully, Wilson and her son were able to get them all in a crate before Davis being there.

Once Davis arrived, she got all the pups in her rescue’s car. Davis then took all the puppies to a veterinary clinic where they were all examined. Happily, they were generally healthy, so, they were given wet food and water to eat and drink. They were all then fostered to get a better time.

They will stay there for almost 45 days to be neutered or spayed and are fully vaccinated. They will then be available for adoption.