Woman looking to adopt a new dog, finds her lost dog who went missing for two years

After losing her dog Kovu in 2019, Ashley Nieves went to the website of the Lehigh County Humane Society. For her two kids, she was seeking for a new dog. She was absolutely shocked when she saw a dog on the website that resembles her missing dog.

She became certain that the dog in the picture was hers as she focused on it. She was jumping with joy! In May 2019, Kovu vanished from Nieves’ yard and was caught up by Humane Society a few weeks later. He was in terrible shape, with lost hair and flea infestation.

Several months after being adopted, Kovu was given back by his new family. Nieves lost her dog and immediately rushed to the shelter. He started bouncing and waggling his tail as soon as he saw her. He rushed over to give her a hug and a kiss. Such a heartfelt reunion! Watch this video to learn more.