Woman Spends Days Trying To Rescue A Tiny Puppy In The Woods

Anyone who loves animals knows just how hard it is to say no when there is an animal in need. Over the years, my family has become known in the neighborhood as those people who won’t ever say no to a stray, writes xaga

That’s how we got one of our cats, Patch. A neighbor had noticed a cat with a head wound hanging around the neighborhood. We offered to catch him and bring him to the vet in order to get him fixed up before trying to find him a forever home…fifteen years later he was still happily living with us until he passed away.

Our other cat, Lilly, was abandoned by a set of neighbors who asked us to “cat sit” while they moved…ten years later she’s still ours.

And, one of our rabbits was tossed into our yard overnight two days after Easter one year, we’re presuming because they knew we already had rabbits. Point is, being an animal person means always opening your heart to the little strays in need.

One woman did just that after learning about a puppy that was living in the woods. She’d heard that the little dog was all on her own. She’d been orphaned and subsequently abandoned, so there was no one to care for her.

The locals had taken it upon themselves to leave out food for the puppy, but the poor dog was too frightened to approach anyone. Still, the woman, whose name is Elisa, wasn’t about to let the shy puppy get away.

According to The Dodo, she frequently went out to the woods to try and befriend the little dog, but it wasn’t going as quickly as she’d hoped. Elisa wanted to rescue the little dog before winter came so that the small pooch wouldn’t have to brave the cold alone.

She and her partner then came up with a solution: setting out a humane trap! It was the only way that they were going to get the dog in the timeline that they were hoping for.

Luckily for them, the trap worked and they were relieved to have captured the pup. The little baby was then brought to their local rescue where she was given medical treatment and then slowly integrated into life at their rescue. E

Eventually, the day came for the little puppy to go off to her forever family – something only possible thanks to Elisa’s determination. Good thing she didn’t give up!

Watch the rescue video below: